A native of Southern California, D. R. Casselman has had multiple careers as a writer, illustrator, composer, singer, producer, computer industry pioneer, business consultant and mother.

Fantasy writing has been a particular passion of hers.

Her first published work of fiction, Tales of Narda Book One: Road to Andolan, is truly an epic fantasy adventure taking readers to another world, replete with its own languages, history, art, genealogy, creatures and geography.

Tales of Narda has received praise from several national best-selling and award-winning cross-genre authors.


She first discovered the magical works of English writer and academic J. R. R. Tolkien while traveling in the Far East many years ago and the seeds for her fantasy series, Tales of Narda, were planted.

Her life-long fascination with languages, cultures, races, adventure and unforgettable characters permeate her tale.

Prolific in all her endeavors, her first fantasy adventure story takes four books to tell.

Thailand - D R Casselman

The Arts

The Mikado - DR Casselman

D. R. Casselman’s other published works include poetry, articles in the natural health sciences and technical theatrical scripts, some of which she also directed.

She is a founding member of The Hollywood Writer’s Society, a group that has helped to inspire and instruct writers and showcase their works.

No stranger to the stage, Donna has sung in jazz and chamber groups, in choirs and has performed and worked with many celebrities.

She combined her business acumen and performing arts ability to produce musical theater.

Excerpt from Road to Andolan

“Hard to port, hard to port!” Eathelon yelled to Palo over the howling wind.

Palo turned the wheel with all of his might and, though strong, struggled to keep the ship upright.

“Tomas, Marchal, over here!” Eathelon barked. “Help me get the sail down.!”

A wave washed over the starboard side and sent them all crashing into the rail.

“Hold on!” he yelled. The last thing they needed was a man overboard!

The three men began to work frantically to get the mainsail down, as the wind threatened to rip it to shreds.

Ship and crew were thrust atop mountainous waves and pushed down into watery valleys over and over again, and before they could get the sail down, the gale-force wind ripped it apart and the Sirine floundered.

The killing storm had come up out of nowhere and Eathelon knew that the Eldarin ships of old must have been sunk by a storm like it.

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